Wednesday 4 November 2020

Multiple colour LEDs for glass "ice" sculptures!

With the recent and rapid development of LED lighting technology, I now have an alternate lighting option to the solar panel and LED lighting (see my blog post of March 8, 2020) for my carved glass "ice" sculptures.

This new option offers a choice of mutiple colour LED (changing colour quickly or slowly) or to hold steady on white, red, blue or green illumination. The videos would not load here, so to see them go to my instagram : @chuckstj

This style is battery powered (with rechargeable batteries) or with a cord plugged into a USB charging device.

For a comparison of ambient light (from a nearby table lamp) to the multiple colour LEDs and to the solar panel with white LED, this photo (below) shows the variable effects (from left to right) on the relief carved glass images.

Working through a variety of ideas and many woodworking techniques, I finally worked out a suitable method for assembling the light boxes in wood bases.

These pieces are priced from $200 to $500 (CDN), vary in size from 15cm (6") to 30cm (12") tall and can be safely shipped with the double box technique I use for all my glass shipments.

Contact me for purchases or images of more pieces: email:
Instagram: @chuckstj


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