Saturday 22 August 2020

"The Victaulic"

One of my pieces on the theme of 'balancing', which can variously be related as a 'flow' of motion (going in and out of balance), a (relatively) stable position of "equal balance", or an alternatively (and relative) stable position of being "off balance".

The Victaulic is a monitoring device for the collective zeitgeist (events happening in our (relative) space/time continuum), "measuring" or "weighing" the stability of events and indicating their likeliness to continue in the same vein as the current events or to monitor the changes that will or have occurred.

Apparently, this situation of imbalance has been going on at least since the last of the winter's snow.

Previous to that time, in early and mid-winter, indications were that things were much more in the "equal balance" mode. Even with the long, snowy winter, relative stability and repose can be seen to be the case.

Monitoring the twilight of our "post-post-industrial" age, The Victaulic is part of a series of sculptures using detritus from our culture. The aim is to create 'quasi-scientific' pieces with a feeling of mysteriousness, often with an unknown origin or purpose.

I think of these objects as "future-post-apocalyptic-pieces-for-the-present". Although that 'future' looks uncomfortably like the present.

Be safe. Keep monitoring. 


  1. I find this fascinating. I'd love to learn more about it.
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Really like this piece, Chuck. Makes me think of the precise randomness we are in at the moment.