Wednesday 29 August 2018

"Smoke and mirror" (a device for burning a candle at both ends)

Now for something "completely practical"...if you are going to burn a candle at both ends, a proper device is important.

This piece resulted from the rare time that someone says, "Hey Chuck, I've got this piece (of junk) that I thought you might like...", that I actually did like! (Thanks Chris O.!).

Some repairs and alterations were executed and after some evolutions of that, this is the result.

Originally a smoking side table, I started with the "smoke and mirror" idea. Slumping a piece of streaky white and clear glass and mounting it in one of the existing four holes for the smoke idea and adding a small mirror in another one got me started. Using a pre-formed stainless steel dish for the water, I was also thinking of the air, earth, water and fire themes and hit on the idea of burning a candle at both ends.

I fashioned a holder for the candle using one of the original metal inserts (for ashes?), adding some copper and brass pieces to catch the dripping wax.

I restored the lighting in the central glass 'globe' and made a tile and mortar 'riser' to create more 'weight' (both visually and physically), as well as making it a more stable piece.

It is important to remember that when burning candles at both ends, danger is being courted. Only operate the candle when fully rested and in a sober state of mind, with proper fire control procedures in place. Safety first!


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